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Paired Dislocations and Their Interactions with γ′ Particles in Polycrystalline Superalloy GH4037 [期刊论文]Lv, Xianzi(1); Sun, Fei(1); Tong, Jinyan(2); Feng, Qiang(2,3); Zhang, Jianxin(1,4)2015
TiO2-Based Nanomaterials: Design, Synthesis, and Applications [期刊论文]Lai, Yuekun(1); Wang, Luning(2); Liu, Dawei(3); Chen, Zhong(4); Lin, Changjian(5)2015
Oxidation of Ca-α-SiAlON powders prepared by combustion synthesis [期刊论文]Li, Jinfu(1); Li, Zhongmin(2); Wang, Enhui(3); Wang, Zhanjun(3); Yin, Xiaowei(1); Zhang, Zuotai(2)2015
Study on the effect of secondary banded structure on the fatigue property of non-quenched and tempered micro alloyed steel [期刊论文]Cheng, Yajie(1); Liao, Qingliang(1); Yue, Zhang(1,2)2015
Adsorption behavior of thiadiazole as corrosion inhibitors on copper surface [期刊论文]Xiong, Sang(1); Sun, Jian Lin(1); Xu, Yang(1)2015
Effect of Mn and heating rate with short soaking time on the continuous cooling transformation of 42CrMo steel [期刊论文]Liu, Ya-Zheng(1); Jiang, Bo(1); Wen, Xin-Li(1); Sun, Jian-Lin(1); Zhou, Le-Yu(1); Zhang, Chao-Lei(1)2015
Study on the lubricating performance of nano-TiO2 in water-based cold rolling fluid [期刊论文]Sun, Jianlin(1); Li, Yan(1); Xu, Pengfei(1); Zhu, Zuoxin(1)2015
Precipitation behavior of nanoscale carbides in ferrite after different tempering processes in Ti-Mo microalloyed steel [期刊论文]Wang, Xuemin(1); Bu, Fanzheng(1); Yang, Shanwu(1); Shang, Chengjia(1)2015
Correction: Effect of selective oxidation of bacterial cellulose on degradability in phosphate buffer solution and their affinity for epidermal cell attachment [期刊论文]Shi, Xiangning(1); Cui, Qiuyan(1); Zheng, Yudong(1); Peng, Shuai(1); Wang, Guojie(1); Xie, Yajie(1)2015
Effect of annealing temperature on oxygen vacancy concentrations of nanocrystalline CeO2film [期刊论文]Wang, Ka(1); Chang, Yongqin(1); Lv, Liang(1); Long, Yi(1)2015

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